End of Year Scenery Update

Fine by me

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I launch satellites regularly. You can have it if you want 👍🏻🤫😂


Looking forward to flying to this “unusual” destination in South America. Not quite sure if the aliens landed here or what. 😂


Scenery isn’t related to topography I believe

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YES! Finally. Hope to get some new Latin American liveries too! Great work guys.


Really exited for this one. South america will gives us so much new Terrain to explore new Airports new destinations. Gonna Keep my eyes out for that

also I think I have a satalite left in my Basement Ill take a look if it still works


Awesome news.

No Philippines? :,(

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Thanks you so much… I can’t wait to see awesome updates

Thay have not confirmed nor denied the Philippines. You will have to wait and see what comes out with the update.

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That’s great news. I don’t fly South America or any of the low quality regions because the upgraded scenery has spoiled me so very happy it will be coming to those areas soon. Great work!


I think the fbi will be happy to supply you a satellite

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Okay would appreciate it if they did my country :)))))

Thanks for the update ! Was just wondering about Indonesia the other day…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

(All my cartographic and digital imaging Sats are leased out right now)

Well it will only cover the outer regions of Antarctica, but to be honest, it’s practically all white once you go far enough inland. So we’re all good

Basically everything north of this dot, will be high quality


Ya, it will actually cover more than you think if you look up the 82…

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I can’t wait for this!

A big thanks to Jason and the team!


Looking at it, all the interesting parts like dry valley and the coastlines will be high quality. Definitely going to do a flight over Antarctica to take a look once it’s out

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Excellent news, my list of places to visit South America and Greenland can not wait, thanks guys!


Does this mean that if I have purchased the game I have to pushes the update and if so how much will it cost.

gratings Axel