End of Year Scenery Update


I can imagine it would take a lot of work, but indeed it sure would make it more realistic ( even though the scenery is already great)

Regarding scenery, I’ve also been curios. I come from the north of Canada, so naturally I like to fly there (CYXY…home base) now, I’m sorry if someone already asked this, but Whitehorse (the whole North) in February looks just a tad different than when flying on sim, where it is eternal summer! 😀. Clouds aside, are there any plans floating around there regarding the snow everywhere, the frozen lakes, rivers, fingers…😁

Thanks Jason
Derek (DC-10 guy)


Hello everyone.

Do you know where we can report problems. on some airports in southern France and Spain have ground problems. we can get through


How come you can never see the sun or moon way up there??


yes! You can read here, what you need to do.


Hi Derek,

Unfortunately, we’re confined to what our scenery pack contains. So when we purchase it from the supplier it is what it is. The goal on their end is to provide cloudless, clear, high-resolution imagery for us. When you see different seasons in other simulators it’s very likely that the entire landscape has been designed in 3D space as opposed to them using satellite imagery.

Simulating things like snow on top of the imagery based on climate isn’t out of the question, though we’re a long way off from that right now.

Smaller Pixels

Pretty unrealistic but awesome. Did you actually pull this one off LOL.
If so, good luck on re-entry👍


Wilco that


Hello everyone, i just want to ask, is there any update related to this?


Not yet. Hopefully it is coming soon though!


Should’ve told us now about it, not way back in December if we still haven’t got it by March!


It’s still not the end of Quarter 1. Also, they said there would be a delay. Thanks for understanding.


This is the feature that I am looking forward the most this year in IF.

Being from that region it’s very frustrating, but we must be patient and wait for a great product. I hope we get an update on the subject or an new ETA soon !


Hi, it’s now been the first quarter of the year and nothing has changed. When will the ETA be as my subscription money has been going only for this?


Key word: Estimated
Things can change pretty quickly mate, sit tight and be patient and you’ll get it :)


Hi there they will let us know when the update is going to happen. They want us to have the best experience we can and sometimes that may mean we wait a little more. The end result I am sure will be absolutely spectacular. :D


This is why we ask.


Hi, folks.

We haven’t reported anything on this front because we have nothing to report. Progress on this is slow. I’ll try to get something more precise for you, however for now I can confirm that indeed this wasn’t ready for first quarter as we had initially hoped.


Scenery coverage for south east Asia an south america
HD Imagery

Thanks for the update Jason. Keep doing what you do best! All your work and the others on the team is always appreciated!


Hey thanks for the update. I understand and I don’t expect things to be rushed. When its ready its ready.


I understand your work but some others
foreseen of the update in HD?