End of Year Scenery Update


Yes I know! Just a joke mate!


What does first quarter mean, like in the first 3 months ?


Could be anywhere from today or to March 31st. We aren’t really sure as it says Q1 of 2019.


Well a quarter of a year would be the amount of days (365.24) divided by four, which equals 91.31. That would mean that the update will come out before the 91.31st day of the year. So, we can expect the update to come out before April 1st at 0726Z and 24 seconds.


Actually, what you said is pretty much what the @AviationGaming said, I can not see the difference between March 31 and April 1.


I just presented an exact time because I like math and technicality.


Thanks you😂


I’m already in school at that time😂😂maybe I can only wait until summer vacation to fly to Denpasar 😂