End of Year Scenery Update


Yes I know! Just a joke mate!


What does first quarter mean, like in the first 3 months ?


Could be anywhere from today or to March 31st. We aren’t really sure as it says Q1 of 2019.


Well a quarter of a year would be the amount of days (365.24) divided by four, which equals 91.31. That would mean that the update will come out before the 91.31st day of the year. So, we can expect the update to come out before April 1st at 0726Z and 24 seconds.


Actually, what you said is pretty much what the @AviationGaming said, I can not see the difference between March 31 and April 1.


I just presented an exact time because I like math and technicality.


Thanks you😂


I’m already in school at that time😂😂maybe I can only wait until summer vacation to fly to Denpasar 😂


Can’t wait to fly over greenland


Same, I flew there and the scenery looked just like clouds for me. 😅


Can you figure out the exact value of pi… l will loan you my old Cray


I can not wait to fly in Brazil


Hi Everyone,

We had previously communicated that our estimate was first quarter of 2019. This is likely going to change due to some technical challenges with the latest data set.

As you know, we historically hold these cards pretty close to our chest communication wise for this exact reason (we can’t anticipate roadblocks we come across), but in this case, we’re giving you updates along the way. I hope this continued communication is helpful and you find it beneficial.

Due to some of the challenges we’re facing with this data I can’t give you an updated ETA. There’s a chance we’ll still make first quarter, and I’ll keep you updated along the way.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the FNF today!

19.1 Status & General Updates
South American Scenery Rework
19.1 Status & General Updates
19.1 Status & General Updates
I have a question
19.1 Status & General Updates

So can not South America have a good quality image like the other countries?


This update for the scenery in these areas including South America to match the rest of the world was expected in the first quarter. Jason is merely stating that some issues have come up so it may be delayed some what with no estimation on a completion date for the release.
Now don’t worry it will come just maybe a bit later than March, or maybe before if the issues are worked out :)


Thanks for the answer ! 🙂


Thank you for keeping people updated. This is very well helpful. Keeping people in the loop is important, so thank you!


Copy that,
And how about taxiway lights? The lack of these sure provides for some rather interesting times at night. 😂🤪🤪


They haven’t said anything about taxiway lights, you’ll need to wait.


Thanks for the update,
Patience it is then !