End of Year Scenery Update


well… we wait and see 😉


That’s ok.
Next question. Haha.
Will there be an attempt to include terrain a little further north ? Please please please. 🤞


This will explain about the terrain aha


Understood. Approaching poles I can see. But 60N is very far away from approaching poles!
Sorry I’m desperate. N Canada /Alaska very important and I know now it’s scenery your doing. I just would love to know if terrain will ever come?!
Thank you


Stuff above 60N may still have the higher quality scenery however it won’t have topography. They are looking into going up to 82N and down to 82S in the future.


Hey Matt,
Yeah I was confusing myself for a while.
I’m just trying to find out when they’ll be able to add some topo. Even if it diest have to go all the way up to the ice sheets etc. Even if it were to go to say 65N… that’d be Anchorage, Whitehorse, Yellowknife ( unsure about Fairbanks) and parts of Scandinavia etc. I’m from the Yukon, so it’s very difficult to fly there when it’s a sheet of paper 😂😂


We will try, when the appropriate data is available to us. But currently, it’s not. This is all explained in the blog post linked by @George_Anastasis :)


I’ll give Mr. Musk a call, see if we can get a hand 😆


This is all very clear in the blog post. If we don’t have the data available to us, we can’t add it to the sim. Further, if the data is made available, sometimes it needs a LOT of processing work before it can be added. For these reasons it’s impossible to answer your questions in the way you’re wanting us to.


I hear you, while I navigate the blogs. Sorry i was a bit slow on the uptake there. If you can believe it this is the first ever place I’ve blogged 🤫

But thank you for attempting to vector me to the right pace. I’m old school and perhaps looking for a DF steer. Haha!

All the best


Your missing a great airline. Don’t forget Canadiam airlines International /CP


When is the scenery update coming?


This is as much as we have right now. I’d suggest reading the original post and the comments before asking questions that have already been answered.


No worries! One key thing to keep in mind is the difference between scenery and terrain/topography. “Scenery” in our case is the HD satelite images that show you trees, grass, roads, water, islands, etc. By contrast, the blog post about north and south of 60 refers to elevation.


Thank you for helping me to de-clutter my head on the matter.
No to annoy you one more time😂.
What is the probability… or time that terrain can be introduced to the great north ( Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, Russia.
Is it being planned for.
Again thank you. I am a bush pilot. And this isn’t easy without the Yukon😂😂😂😂😂



Again, the answer you seek has been provided in the article.

We are currently looking at new datasets that will include the missing data. This can often be tricky due to the fact that the data may be hundreds of gigabytes in size. Once it’s available and processed, we’ll be able to stream it straight to your devices.

“Once it is available,” is the key here. Currently, it’s not.


What do you mean by this? You saying they have launched their own satellite into space to get sike scenery or they sharing a space satellite with someone like Air Force or nasa or something


It was a joke. In the original post JR said:


When will it come??? I have already planned my first flight!!!