End of Year Scenery Update


It hasnt come yet so dont get excited! Its due to be released soon after the New Year!

Your sentece made it sound like you thought we had already received the update


I think he meant thanks for updating us on the info for when it is coming :)


I can’t wait to fly into Narsarsuaq!


Thanks for indonesia scenery…


thanks for the update


Will this update contain aircraft update? Such as new liveries?


No, it just for scenery. Keep look-out for any update that includes feature, new aircraft and fixes.


@Dalmo_Cabral that is definitely not right 😂😂😂


Hello all!
Taking a guess, when in first quarter do you expect to add the northern Canada scenery among others?
Will the scenery update automatically be added in, or will I somehow have to do the add on update manually? Manual for me could be “ interesting” but I’m sure it would show up on App Store?
Very exited to see the “ wall of mountains” no longer end suddenly at North of 60. As you know Yukon, Canada and Alaska aren’t very flat haha!

Thank you
DC-10 master.


Can you do scenery for ocean? LOL


I sure as heck hope so ! Cutting off at 60N is a huge gap which covers many important areas!!!
Only pet peeve is ie: approach into Yukon Territory or Alaska, Scandinavia, Russia. Boom. The great wall of mountains stops and apparently Whitehorse, Anchorage, ESSA, is in the great plaines. Lol. I realize it takes effort to add. But it’s hard to look around in my shiny DC-10 and it looks like Saskatchewan 😂😂😂. Mt Logan, which is almost 20000ft high… I can’t even crash into it. 🤪

Yes clouds very important. But please please please bring up N60! I’m on my knees now. Lol

DC-10 guy.


Sorry to bother y’all. Again. 😂
When in first Quarter could I expect to see the changes for 60N? too excited sorry.
Amazing job all of you


Whare’s my boy Elon when I need him? 😂


So just to make sure. North of 60, and below N82 is coming right? 😆 here I go again.



Probably, read the original post and it will explain. :)


Will this also include Central America as well?


@YukonD, unfortunately, you’re confusing terrain with scenery. The topography isn’t tied to the 15m scenery, and it’s the scenery that we’ll be updating in the coming months.

If you’re curious as to why we are missing elevation data in some areas around the poles, here’s a blog post I just published to explain why:



Ok, I gotcha.
But I just read a release that you will be adding on this terrain ( Northern Canada, Norway etc) “ sometime in the first quarter, and that it would cover land msss up until 82N snd 82S. Say the city of Whitehorse ( CYXY) is mere miles from 60N and sure as well lower than 82N
It was said this terrain will be added ( next month or two?) and I know it takes a lot of effort, and I know of many simmers that are breaking tears the moment they fly past this mountainous wall. It’s like nature’s version of trumps wall on steroids.
Please remind ( confused a tiny bit) me that this is a process in in the works and the many whom wish upon this can fly into the Yukon or Alaska instead of turning back and saying “ meh”.

Keep up the great work. And yes this is off topic apologize… can we add some older airliners while we’re at it? 737-200, 727, etc.



Sorry, I mean is there going to be an attempt to do some more terrain work… even if it only goes to 70n? Haha. I’m a bit forgetful so scenery will include what? Weather etc?


The scenery update that is expected in the first quarter of this year, will not include weather.

Please read the first post in this topic again, as it will explain any information you require if you forget something.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.