End of Year Scenery Update


Thank you Canadian person.
Anyway, if we’re talking about mountains, then I can be positive Sugar Loaf and Corcovado will be there. SL’s location is a major “problem” to SBRJ, right @Dalmo_Cabral?
Thanks again, bro.


Sumatra and Indonesia? Just to clarify that Sumatra, Borneo and surrounding Western side of Papua New Guinea are all currently still parts of Indonesia. Which areas did you meant when you said Indonesia, only those three? Anyway, I hope that it will include the whole Indonesian archipelago including major airports WADD and WIII… can’t wait to land in Bali with the new update and do a fly-over Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra.
Thanks Jason, keep up the good work, terimakasih!


I think the site mentioned Borneo and Papua as there are parts of the islands which belong to other neighbouring countries aswell (i.e Borneo/Kalimantan with Malaysia and Brunei, Papua with PNG). Hopefully the new scenery would cover all over from Sabang till Merauke but I’m almost certain that both WIII (Yes!) and WADD will receive new sceneries :D

FDS will release more details about the new scenery in the future so stay tuned (And hopefully our dreams come true) ;)


Can’t wait


Can’t wait to see the update :D


Well. It was a little bit too crazy I suppose. I was doing doughnuts on the training server


I do accept that it was immature of me to do but I apologize To the infinite flight staff.


South America would be fantastic. Amazing.


Can’t wait to fly over Greenland and Northern Canada on transatlantic flights!


Does this mean that you’ve fixed the issue with the terrain at 60 degrees north and south


I think so but the topography barrier will be at 82’N and 82’S


This is Marajó Bay and in background the city Belém, Pará.


This is going to be great!

Can’t wait to explore these places even more with some beautiful scenery!


I’m dreaming about South America in HD


I think a lot of people are! I’m looking forward to it!


Cant wait for the update Brazil!!!


Will this include topography I think it’s called? Like with correct elevation? Or is it only imagery? :)


Unfortunately, no plans for updating the topography right now:


Great work guys.


So does that mean no mountains?