End of Year Scenery Update


Of course, we’d love to make it the best we can always! When our satellite imagery was first added in a beta build, it was sharper, but due to device limitations and memory issues, we were forced to scale it back and load it incrementally as you flew closer to it. As we continue to find ways to optimize, we’ll add sharper imagery.


Does IF use the NextGen scenaries? or just their standard Global?


If I were you, I’d open up Infinite Flight, and click “About” in the bottom left. ;)


Yeah I did see that, but the website’s samples look quite different than IF


This answer applies:


Flying into Dutch is really fun along with Juneau but anchorage doesn’t and the northern part of Alaska doesn’t either and it’s real deceiving cause heavies don’t make 25l or 25r approaches into panc due to the mountain there


Finally I’ll be able to fly over my home country(BR) with some realism, can’t wait for it to buy my subscription


Singapore in 15m imagery is going to look so good!


Ikr, I’m really looking foward to it! Similar to like when I was waiting for Singapore scenery and airports to come out for P3D…


This is great!!! I hope the scenery update will cover the all surrounding islands, from Borneo island to Philippine Islands…
Thank you infinite flight!


Great, thanks!


Is it coming though?
It isn’t explicitly mentioned :/


Yes early next year


woah thats cool


South América 😍


I am currently banned on my other account for something very silly that I did do and I admit that was a mistake I was unclear of the difference from the casual and training now I do understand . Anyway is it possible for me to get my access back to the training server after it’s been restricted?


[Continue In PM] @CaptainChase - Did you get banned or do you have too many violations? Check your stats and send it to me in a PM


When you say it will cover Indonesia, does this also cover Singapore? Or will that be covered later on?

Edit: just seen some previous people say so so never mind this question

Yay can’t wait!


Imagery but not topography? Isn’t topography part of what we can see?
If wondrous Sugar Loaf, or the Christ statue are not there, then why?


They’re focused on the looks of buildings on the ground and roads etc, not 3D terrain, except for mountains

(Correct me if I’m wrong)