End of Year Scenery Update

Heh, amazing wirk

What do you mean ‘it will be a good feature for IF’ - we have already had this scenery update (except for the South American scenery)

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1st quarter of year ended and we still have no high resolution of the rest regions (particularly South America) that you had promised.

Not really promised, projected by the end of the 1st quarter.

Here’s Jason’s last update.


End of Year Scenery Update

Only now I understood that developers are talking about 2019’s end of year 😂


Over the last couple months we made significant progress on the work involved to release the expanded scenery that would include South America (as well as most of the other parts of the world that are still low resolution). Keep in mind that this work is not just to expand coverage for our HD imagery, but also to fix accuracy issues we had and improve our scenery content pipeline so we can use more data sources in the future to increase our scenery quality further.

At this point, most of the technical challenges have been solved. There are still a few minor bugs here and there and we need to perform more testing before we can start the processing on the full dataset.

We know we are past the projected release; there are a few reasons for this:

  • we received the data much later than anticipated
  • the holiday season got in the way
  • the fixes and improvements we needed for our scenery processing pipeline required a rewrite of complex components twice (the 1st rewrite was a dead end).
  • the new dataset is almost twice as big as the one we are using currently. This amount of data uncovered more issues with our previous scenery processing pipeline.
  • being a small team, we each have many things on our plates and sometimes we need to be all hands on deck to fix other, more pressing issues.

Here are before/after pics of a section of the planet (the planet in IF is divided in 6 sections, similar to the faces of a cube) that contains South America showing the difference in coverage between the old and new dataset:

Old 15m coverage

New 15m coverage

Both pics where created by the improved scenery processing pipeline showing that it is for the most part functional.

We sincerely appreciate your patience.


This is such good news!!!


Very good news


Much prefer a developer to understand current issues and not ship a product rather than ship the product half complete and then release hot fixes for the product after the release (EA, I’m looking at you here). You kind of have to swallow your pride and admit the delay rather than ship a half working product. Well done, Devs, and please do take your time to deliver something full and complete rather than half working.


This is your baby Phillipe and I know it’s gonna be a beautiful scenery update when it done right and proper!

Fantastic news. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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This is some quality news for a thursday! cant wait for SA scenery


lit. glad to finally see the andes mountains come to life

and press F for @transport_hub who is still waiting on SE Asia…


¡¡Que comience la fiesta!!
Let’s get this party started!!


Singapore needs some scenery! 💪

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This is amazing news! Best way to start the Thursday. I guess I can finally do Los Ángeles-San Salvador and being able to enjoy the amazing approach. The possibilities are endless. South America has beautiful scenery. Can’t wait for some VFR in The Andes.


This is great news! Thanks for the update.

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Wonderful! When?


I really don’t understand the message

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Will this update have the whole world covered for 15m scenery?

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