End of Year Scenery Update

Hi @YukonD,

The scenery will be amazing! Unfortunately cloud cover or the ability to see city lights, as far as we know will not be added in this scenery update.

Hope this helps! :)

Roger that. Will it be added in the foreseeable future?

As far as I know, it has been said that they are ‘Working on it’ to be added in the future. (For Cloud Cover, not sure about City lights).

This isn’t the topic for that. We have a dedicated #features category where you can access once you reach TL2. Please stay on topic here, and discuss the scenery update! :)

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Sorry like I said I’m in learning mode here, but thank you for the intel

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You can vote for the plane to be added into the simulator here:

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Omg i love this so much because i have been waiting on this so much! Thank you!

Me too! But maybe introducing a better platform so others from accross the world can view this in an intracut way. Well done though!

IF have added Istanbul New Airport 😱😱😱😱

Hey Derek!

Cloud cover is something that developers are looking at but for now we have no timeline. Any time you add multiple levels of transparency, the amount of resources required to render it increases quite a bit. Of course, this is where we run into device processing power limitations.

We’ll have this eventually, since we know it would add a lot of realism to the sim.



I hope Guam and the surrounding islands are added soon. It would make flying the Island Hopper so much more fun.

i cant wait to see the beutifull scenery around pasific

Why call it «end of the Year scenery» when the update arrives in 2019? Am i missing something?

They’re giving us an update about the scenery that was supposed to arrive at the end of the year. Or they titled it that because it’s the end of the year and it’s also a scenery update.

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Will it come in Norway too?!

Sad to see 2018 go it has been an Amazing year for infinite Flight.


Here’s to 2019 reaping even more spectacular scenery and all around treats!


I’m excited for this


Stunning! Thanks for the update!


It hasnt come yet so dont get excited! Its due to be released soon after the New Year!

Your sentece made it sound like you thought we had already received the update