End of Year Scenery Update


Hello, pilots!

As many of you know, we have been waiting on our scenery supplier for an updated package of 15m/px scenery that will include South America. Our communication has been that we expected this by the end of 2018. We can now confirm that this new data is purchased and we should receive it after the holidays. Since it requires some time to process, our updated ETA is the first quarter of 2019 to add this new data to the app.

Regions included in this upcoming scenery update are South America, Northern Canada, Greenland, all Northern Polar Islands (Svalbard, etc), Eastern Russia, Sumatra, Indonesia, Borneo, New Guinea and all surrounding islands, and Antarctica. Also included will be some existing 15m areas that required touchups by decreasing cloud cover.

Note that anything that is above 82°N or below 82°S (poles) will be lower quality since the satellite source doesn’t cover those regions (if this news is unbearable for you, please let us know if we can borrow your satellite for a few minutes 😬).

We’re looking forward to exploring these new areas of the world with you in the new year!

Happy landings!

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Thanks jason and everyone else!



Great to hear!


South America has scenery you say?


Awesome! I wonder what Antarctica will look like…
Thanks for everything you’re doing to make this happen!


Amazing! Great to hear.


Finally HD scenery for South America! FDS, you’re amazing.


Ii can;t wait, so excited to use the amazing South American liveries and Long Hauls into South America! Thanks team, 2019 is already shaping to be a good year!


IF rocks it!


Always delivering what is promised as promised. Now I can finally enjoy flying to SA 😉


Thank You for the update Jason! Looks like 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for us. 2018 already has been great!


So excited Jason!

After this huge accomplishment is reached, will Infinite Flight continue to upgrade Scenery overall to better HD Scenery or just in areas like the Grand Canyon and other cool areas like that?

Be proud of what you guys over at Infinite Flight have created!


Sweet! Can’t wait to fly these new areas.


That’s awesome news IF!


Northern Canada? What parts does this include? Upper Newforundland, Ontario and the Territory’s?


Wow,great! Will make for great scenery pictures!


Great work as always! Non stop delivering to the community.


Not if it’s lower than 82 degrees south. Yes if it’s higher.


Cool! Can’t wait to visit new places 👏👏