End of the world with relief

Hi all! When I was leaving Oslo, I saw that the airport was in 0ft, it didn’t get weird, but then when I was leaving the airport coverage area, I see that the relief is coming up, just like a wall, then I decided to go to an airport that was surrounded by the mountains near Norway, but although in the real life photos the airport is completely impressive, in the game you only see a long plain, the same happens with all iceland, Finland, part of Sweden, Russia, Alaska, part of Canada, Etc.
On the other hand, if we go to the southern part of the world everything is with relief, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, own this, why does this happen only in the north?


That is a very cool glitch.
This also proves the earth is flat.

this is a joke


Should I post this in support?

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No support is needed, please read the link sent above. Its not a glitch. yes, its annoying and I wished that IF would do something!, but no support is needed

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That is a very cool Glitch there! Turns out Infinite Flight Has some Tech Issues!

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