“End of the Earth”

Operating system:

I was flying from CYXY to PAJN when about half way through I noticed there was a point where the mountain terrain went from one elevation to another in a shear drop. Unfortunate I cannot upload more than one photo so I will add one to this topic and try to contact someone at IF for more info. My discord is: ianthearmadillo#0001

could you please on your bar where is instruments, find a position? and send coordinates?

Hey there!

There is a reason for this, it’s a thing for everyone. In short, it’s because Infinite Flight has no terrain data north of 60°, and as a result, it’s all flat. You can have a more thorough read here.

P.S: I’m not sure why pinging Cameron was necessary.


This is how the satellite topography works in IF.
Above or below a certain line (60?) the topography isn’t provided by the imagery supplier. Unfortunately:)


Ok, thank you!

when i have some bugs like this, im tagging Cameron everytime ._.

Ok, Thank you!

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It’s not a bug and not his responsibility ;)


Please don’t tag me for every issue you have, we have a support channel for a reason. I’ll respond if applicable. Thanks!