End of the decade flight @LSZH-302100ZDEC19

Hello everyone, the end of the decade is coming closer every second. That’s why I’m organizing a “end of the decade” groupflight.
We will takeoff from the magical airport LSZH and from there we will fly across the even more magical Alps.
We will fly to LFLJ (Courchevel), to end this decade with a small challenge of landing at Courchevel.
I’d like to ask you to put your IF-time to 15.30UTC, as it brings a beautiful sunset effect across the Alps. This makes the trip even more magical

  • Aircraft and Livery: TBM 930, livery of your choice

  • Route: LSZH-LFLJ

  • Time of Departure: 2100Z

  • Server: training

  • Additional Information:
    Altitude: 10,000ft
    Airspeed: 210 knots
    IF-time: 15:30UTC. This is for the sunset

Hope to see you there

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