End of Summer Spotting @ LHR

London Heathrow Airport 05/09/2021

Location: Terminal 5

So with summer coming to an end, I still hadn’t had a proper ‘spotting session’. So today when picking up a relative arriving in from Prague on a BA flight, I decided to take my camera along and do some spotting to kill time. I rarely go spotting, therefore the quality of my pictures will obviously be nowhere near some other forum users, however I decided to put a topic together to share the best shots. Enjoy!

British Airways Lineup at Terminal 5 with the tower in the background.

Continuing with the gate theme, here is a BA A319-131 Registered G-EUPK loading up for a flight to Lyon, France.

EC-LZX an A330-300 of Iberia Airlines arriving into London Heathrow’s 09R after a flight from Madrid.

My first time seeing the Aer Lingus A321neo as it lands on 09R, still not a fan of the new EI colour scheme but hey

British Airways Boeing 777-236ER arriving in after a 6 hour flight from Abuja, Nigeria.

TAP Air Portugal A321neo landing on 09R after a flight from TAP’s main hub - Lisbon.

G-EUUG pushing back for a flight to Malaga with the last of the British holidaymakers for the summer.

Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 arriving in from Nairobi. A route I used to do very frequently in IF.

Another BA shot, this time G-TTNI a two year old A320neo arriving in from Funchal.

Last but by no means least, my personal favourite. A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 in the Tarihi Forma Livery - a real beauty! Peep Wembley Stadium’s arch in the background

Thanks for Viewing

As I said before, I very rarely go spotting. When I do it’s usually just to pass time when travelling in real life or like today when I was just at the airport waiting. But it sure was fun nonetheless! If you have any constructive criticism or tips to improve, I would appreciate if you let me know. Otherwise, thanks for checking out the topic and have a good day :)

special thanks to @William_Chin for helping me edit some of these


Looked like fun but maybe too much BA for @DanG387 x

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Interesting 😀😀😀 x

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Yes. Yes you did

I probably should have added your face to that list 😘 xoxo

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Amazing photos!
A321neo TAP Portugal such a beautiful bird ❤️

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What in the world is that pushback tug? Is it automatic or something? I’ve never seen such thing.

Excellent shots, though! Too bad the trees got in the way of the LY B789. It’ll live on in LYVA. 😂


Nice Pics charleh :D

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Definitely is! Thanks for the kind words

I would assume so. Need to look into it though!

Thanks Will :))

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what an amazing catch!

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Yess thank you, I was very happy when I saw it was scheduled for the LHR flight today. Such a stunning livery

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Yeah, they use smaller electric tugs that can be controlled by the person shown in the picture. These are for the smaller aircraft. I believe the larger ones still use the traditional tugs


Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Yep… i in love with love this shot

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Brilliant shots Charlie, what camera do you use?

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Thank you haha, I think I am too!

Thanks Seán, I believe it’s a fairly old Nikon D3000

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@anon59278533 2 beautiful TK A333 nice special livery shots 👀

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Thank you :D

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Amazing pictures mate!

I love the view you get from the forecourt at T5 Drop off!

I should be heading to Heathrow myself for some spotting on 2021-09-10T23:00:00Z (tomorrow).
First time since 2019 so I’m very excited 😍

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Thank you, the view is definitely great for 09L arrivals and departures!

Hope you enjoy your trip there tomorrow! 😁

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