End of subscription

Hello ! My « live » subscription is out today, I was looking to buy infinite flight pro but I can’t do it. Can i upgrade my subscription when one is already working ? And if I fly today, and that my subscription is not valid anymore in the middle of the flight, will I get kicked off ? Thanks !

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Yes, you can. It will extend the subscription. Regarding wether you’d get kicked or not, I’m not sure.

Where is this option ?

Can’t you just click ‘buy subscription’?

Where is it ? Sorry i’m a bit confused, I used to buy a subscription when one already ran out.


I’m not sure then - it’ll probably come up when your subscription has run out. I’m sure there’s a way, it’s just I don’t know it so I would wait for someone else to respond…


Negative, the purchasing of subs through the website is no longer available ;)

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@if_aviation_greg You can check your App Store to see if your subscription is set to auto renew automatically. If so it will renew as soon as your 1 month is up ;)

If auto renew is in fact disabled then you will have to renew when prompted to do so.