End of Month Event Pt.2 - Reykjavik

Hello IFC

Welcome to the second iteration of our End of Month Events. For those new here, this is a continuation of our End of Day Shuttle Runs. But instead of flights, we do events. I control ATC at our chosen airport and @BP-Aviation flies in. At the end of each event, we post 5 pictures each and you can select the next location.

This month’s event was hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the pictures:

@BP-Aviation’s POV:

@1. BP-Aviation rotating from Riga with the amazing Air Baltic flag livery

2. Cruising

3. More cruising

4. @BP-Aviation Preparing to make some bread and butter near Iceland

5. Parked up near a 737 and 757. (remember these planes, they show up later)

Now its time for a overview of how things were going at the airport.

@Variable 's POV (ATC):

6. An Icelandair on takeoff roll with a few other planes

7. Remember those planes, well here they are!

8. different angle of an above picture

9. @BP-Aviation pulling off the runaway

10. A TBM on final with a Jet2 and Airfrance

What picture was your favourite

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Where should host our event at next:

  • Istanbul
  • Tocumen
  • Miami
  • Cape Town
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The event was a great success. Once again a huge thank you to everyone who joined, and a huge thank you to you, for reading.


I love in the 5th picture there is just an Icelandair B757 taking off in front of the sunrise in the distance.

That one is my favourite too, the funny thing is a lot of these perspectives are overlapping.

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True, but that does not matter too much, all that matters is we like the pictures!

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