End of Month Event Pt.1 - Belfast City

Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the End of Month Event series! You may or may not have heard a series myself & @Fourthnebula919 used to run called the “End of Day Shuttle Runs”, well since our schedules changed we were no longer able to keep that going, but instead, we decided to do this! So welcome to the first picture thread for this series! How it works is simple, @Fourthnebula919 is IFATC and I am not, so he will run the ATC for the event and I will fly the featured route. The event will always be held on the last Saturday of the month, every month! These events will allow fly-in, as well as, fly-out and will always be on the Expert Server. The picture threads will contain 5 pictures from the pilots (my) point of view and then 5 pictures from the ATC (@Fourthnebula919) point of view. Then at the end you get to vote for your favourite picture out of all of them and then out of 4 options, pick which airport the next event will take place at! These airports are chosen to be put in the poll by @Fourthnebula919 so to make sure they are airports he is interested in controlling! For our first event we were in Belfast City and the featured route was Amsterdam to Belfast on the Flybe Dash-8. So without further a do, onto the pictures!

Pilot’s Point of View

  1. Departing Out of Amsterdam in Front of the Tower

  1. Climbing Out Over the Dutch Coast

  1. Entering the UK Near Where I am From, Along the Humber River

  1. Descending into Belfast Over the Bay

  1. Touchdown in Northern Ireland

ATC’s Point of View

  1. A Wild Flybe Preparing for its Flight to Amsterdam

  1. A Spitfire Turned Up to do Some Touch & Go’s

  1. He is a Big Boy, But he Made It

  1. A Little Flybe Landing from Amsterdam (Me)

  1. Flybe Parking Next to the Behemoth

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Which airport should we host an event at next?

  • Reykjavik - BIKF (3D)
  • Sydney - YSSY (3D)
  • Singapore - WSSS (3D)
  • Addis Ababa - HAAB (3D)

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Big boy indeed, watching him slow down was about the most nerve racking thing I have witnessed. But either way, it was great event, a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by.

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Really surprised the MD11 could land on that small runway lol


Yeah I was absolutely amazed they did not crash, and you can see they definitely sacrificed centreline and probably smoothness for stopping distance!

Reykjavik is criminally underrated

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I could not agree more! I absolutely love flying to Reykjavik in the sim, always treats to some beautiful views and some interesting crosswinds sometimes!

Amazing Photos!

Gonna try and see if I can stop by at the next event!

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Thank you! Would love to see more people stop by for the next event!

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