End of Life - FPLtoIF

When I initially created FPLtoIF.com, it aimed to address functional gaps in the simulator at that time, including SIDs, STARs, and additional flight planning capabilities. As a resourceful developer, I integrated various external sources to consolidate all the information in one place.

As Infinite Flight evolved, these deficiencies gradually diminished. The simulator underwent significant redevelopment, incorporating features sourced from more precise providers than I had anticipated. Furthermore, SimBrief underwent a change in ownership during this period.

With the increasing frequency of Infinite Flight updates and rising hardware expenses, coupled with life’s demands, I am unable to offer the level of dedicated support that users have come to expect. Consequently, I have made the decision to discontinue the app. While no specific date has been set for this, I wanted to provide advance notice to everyone.

I am grateful for the support received over the years. What began as a personal project for my own flight planning needs transformed into something more, which I hope has been beneficial in your Infinite Flight experience.

Thank you all!


Thanks man, geniunely, FPLtoIF is a very convenient platform for all of us to grab flght plans and figures without going through the hassle of KML files or calculators, and although I haven’t been here for all the years of the existence of this software, I have felt the convenience with the presence of this app. With this then, I thank you for the dedication, time and effort you have put into the software, and your contribution to this seemingly taken-for-granted feature does not go unrecognized. It is truly appreciated of you, and I hope to see a suitable replacement in the future.


End of an era Mr Shaffer. A tool that will have been used thousands upon thousands of times and will be sorely missed when it does finally stop working.

Thanks for your fantastic work


I have to agree with Dan - this is truly the end of an era. The website will be missed Chris - but thank you for your dedication!


How am I going to generate my flight plans now, I’ve been using FPL to If for almost 3 years


FPLtoIF was such a nice resource for me. Saved so much valuable time using this. I used this when flightplandatabase wouldn’t work for me anymore (idk why). Thank you for this. Now idk what to do now maybe use SimBrief which I cannot get my head around. This was so much simpler and easier. Good luck in the future


FPLtoIF was my main tool for flight plans. Pretty sad to see it go


Thank you for all your efforts in developing third-party features. This website has always been in my bookmarks on all my devices. It’s the starting point for my flights (so much so that when it were down I had no idea how to create flight plans on other websites, even though I knew there were options for that).


for the past 5 years, this has been the way i do my fpl, thank you for your dedication for FPLTOIF!

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Dang - sad news and the end of an era. Such a good platform and has always been my go to. thanks for this incredible planning site you made!


Going to miss FPLtoIF!

Thanks Chris for all your hard work and dedication over the years maintaining creating and maintaining a widely used resource for many Infinite Flight pilots.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and effort towards this great site over the years!! I’ve enjoyed and used it thoroughly over the years for some of my quicker flights. :)

Thanks for all your work Chris


Thanks Chris for such an amazing site! I’ve been using this for years now and I’m certainly sad to see it go. Your dedication definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed by thousands of Infinite Flight users.

Farewell FPLtoIF 🙌🏼


A great user friendly application that was/is a vital part of the IF ecosystem for many.

IF should really consider taking over this project/developing their own flight planning system‼️


It’s definitely end of an era! 😢
It will be sorely missed when it eventually ceased to exist 😭
Thank you @Chris_S for creating the platform to give many of us pleasure & convenience who used it as part of their flight planning routine including me. It’s been a large part of my routine doing flights with Infinite Flight.
I completely understood the reasons to discontinue the platform and just wanted to say cheers!🍻 🍻🍻

I’ve used this for probably every flight I’ve needed a flight plan for since this came out. Thanks for building this and keeping it running all these years!


Thanks for all those years of easy flight planning for almost every of my flight!
This will be missed for sure 😢

Thanks for the awesome app and probably the most important part of IF, I have been a frequent user since mid 2018, I’m sad to see this wonderful tool go 😞 all the best for the future and keep it dirty side down 🥹🙂

it was very helpful while it lasted. thanks chris!