End of life for LiveFlight Connect?

Hello, it looks like LiveFlight Connect does not like the new version of iOS 14.5 with IF V20.03.06, on two terminals the connection is no longer possible after this update. With ForeFlight it works fine.

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Yeah. LiveFlight Connect has been acting up for a lot of people lately. Updates to the game surely won’t help out the operation of LiveFlight either. Thanks for sharing!

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Here’s also something else to take a look at:

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LiveFlight Connect is deprecated and no longer receives updates and support. So, not being compatible/behaving badly with new updates is to be expected, I guess.

Here’s their full statement:

Alternatively, you could try Map Connect and see if that works. But that’s kinda not 100% reliable too, as far as I’ve heard.


Thank you for all these answers, well I uninstalled LiveFlight connect and Map connect I didn’t even try because it didn’t seem more stable to me. I’m going to use the autopilot more and do some gymnastics with the iPad for takeoffs and landings. Best regards

If ever since the update of IF 20.01 everything works again. Go go! 🤪🙃🙂😁 To your joysticks! 🛫✈️

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But unfortunately there’s still lag and unreliable behavior…

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