End of IF for Anton

Goodbye Anton, it was always a joy to fly into your airspace and you were always accommodating and up for a bit of fun :) I particularly enjoyed the time you made me resemble Casper πŸ˜‚ It will be a shame to see you gone as you contributed so much! All the best for the future.


We will miss u mate

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Dank voor alles, Anton!

Het ga je goed!

We gaan je zeker missen.

Thanks for everything, Anton!

Best wishes!

We will definitely miss you.


As stated in the comments above, it is sad to see a great controller go. I appreciate the help you gave me so that I could join IFATC, I learned many things thanks to you.
May God bless you, take care of you and your whole family, providing all your needs, giving you health, strength and faith.

A big hug my friend. :)


Anton what sad news.
I want to thank you for the amazing tips and articles you did. You can be sure that I will always consult to answer questions when I am. I wish you all the best with your family. We will all miss you!

Thanks again for what you contributed.

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You’re truly an inspiration to the entire community, and I wish you luck on your journeys, my friend!

Amen bro. I turn 60 in July, and dreamed of piloting , and I am a born again follower of Jesus too. Have a Blessed weekend.

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All the best

Thanks a lot for a long journey See you!!!

Today is your 6 years Cake Day in IFC Anton.

How are You Doing?

Missing You Much