End of IF for Anton

Dear all, it is time for me to close the chapter of Infinite Flight.

While I realise this may come as a surprise, it has been on my mind for some time now. I turned 60 this year, and my life is at a point where I think it’s time for new things. I’m a Christian and I know God will use my time well, and for His glory.

As a boy I dreamt about becoming a Pilot. I never pursued it, got to work in the information technology arena. IF has allowed me to live a big part of my childhood dream. And what a journey it has been:

21-Sept-2014 my first flight on Infinite Flight. Must have gotten most of my violations during these first few weeks
October 2015 after two failed tests, Tyler added me as a ATC Trainee controller, able to control class Delta airports.
Some time in 2016 or 2017 With amazing help from Regan I passed as IFATC Officer. This is when we still had the terrain map. While I built up experience to be a good controller, I’ve never been a star at those really busy hubs with 50+ inbounds.
16-Feb-2018 Together with José Osacana, I was promoted to IFATC Supervisor.
August 2018 My IFC status was promoted to Regular (I asked Tyler to remove this and set me back to 'normal’)
14 August 2020 I was reported for taking off, while all I had been instructed was a line-up; causing the controller to force the inbound a go-around. My first ever. Sorry Hendrik!

So I guess you could say I’m giving up a lot. And it’s been so good. I’ve learned a lot, and I was able to write many little tutorials here on IFC. I enjoyed mentoring a bunch of you in their journey to become IFATC – some of you are now in the Supervisor team. I would lie if I’d say I’m finding this easy. It’s not easy at all. I have been part of many communities, but Infinite Flight is different. So many people give out so much time to make this work – truly wonderful. I know who you are; may God bless you all.

One person I want to name – how could I not: @Tyler_Shelton you amazing star, my trainer back in 2014, our IFATC community manager, working two full-time jobs with a young family to look after. Wishing you wisdom and grace Tyler. Very grateful for the open and encouraging communication we’ve always had. I will miss you.

One last comment for my IFATC colleagues: always maintain a serving attitude. You are there for the pilots, the pilots are not there for you. Report pilots not because you can, but because you have to.

I will miss you!



Sad to see you leave!! Glad you had a good time with IF…


That’s clearly a surprise for me! I’ve seen you controlling an airport just a few hours ago.

Although I haven’t had the chance to be with you for a long time, I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done for the IFATC team as a supervisor. You sure have been someone important for the team and you’ll be missed, even by the newest of us. As far as I know, you’re a dedicated supervisor and IFATC and an amazing and kind person. You’ll always be in the history of IFATC, no matter what!
I’d also like to wish you best of luck in real life, for your projects - if you have some - and you’ll always be the welcome whenever you want to come by on the IFC or even on the game!

Again, thank you for your work on IF, all my respects for your adventure on Infinite Flight and I wish you all the best IRL!


Every time I’ve talked to you, or you’ve come round to SPIT test me, and all the rest has always been a positive enjoyable time. You are a great member to Infinite Flight.

Like everyone we all have to move on at some point. I wish you the absolute very best for your future! This community has appreciated everything you have done. ♥️


You’re an Infinite Flight legend and a mentor if there ever was one. I genuinely appreciate the time you spent with us all these years. You had a lasting impact on many you interacted with thanks to your constant encouragement and selflessness.

I wish you and the family nothing but happiness and good health! Best wishes from your IFATC family. 🙂


Sure something I didn’t expect. I haven’t had many interactions with you, but all I can say is good luck with your future endeavours! Thanks a lot for all of your positive contributions and leaving a positive impact on the IF community and those that you have mentored. I can guarantee that you will be cherished and missed for a long time, if not forever!

Good luck in all you do ! Thanks for being a part of this family and the great advice and constructive criticism you have given me and I am sure many others. Farewell and Happy Landings my friend.

Wow. Sad to see you leave. Thank you for sticking around with us. Stay safe and i’ll probably have you as a passenger on my jet in the future 😁


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Hate to see a good one go, wish you the best @azeeuwnl - thanks for all you have done for this community and the IFATC team


I’m wishing you all the best Anton! I’m glad to have been able to work with you, as we shared many of the same sentiments in terms of how we went about IFATC. You will truly be missed. 👋


Wishing you all the best for the future Anton! You have been a superb member of the IFATC team (been a controller for me multiple times) and I can say you’ll be truly missed in this community.

All the best 👋

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Sad to see you heading out. Truly one of the most notable names in the Infinite Flight world to me personally. I remember you from during my early days pre-mod and still consider you to be one of “IF’s Legends”. Thanks again for all of the great memories and service in IFATC. Just know you’re always more than welcome to pop in and say hello. We’ll be here waiting. 🙂



It’s sad to see you go, Anton! We’ll be losing such a legend and valuable member of the IFATC. I wish you the best in the future!

I know we haven’t talked a whole bunch, but you’ve been a darn good friend to me Anton. Your experience with almost everything amazes me, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to know you while I’ve been on the IFC, I mean it. And I’m so happy that IF has allowed you to at least partially, fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot.

It’s truly saddening that you’re leaving us around here, and I’ll miss having you around the IFC and seeing you flying or controlling. But heck, I’m not even in IFATC and I know that without you, IFATC and the entire community wouldn’t have turned out so great. So while it’s sad that you’re leaving, just know that you’ve made such a big impact on so many of us.

Farewell my friend, best of luck on your future endeavors!

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While we haven’t had much time together in IFATC given that I’m relatively new, I want to thank you for the great support you’ve given to us all. I want to thank you for taking the time to personally come down to an airport I was controlling and provide me some feedback when I was relatively new.

Nonetheless you are a force to be reckoned with among IFATC members, and I would like to wish you nothing but the best.

Best wishes!

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Sad to see you go, Anton! Remember you helping me getting into IFATC to this day. Will cherish those conversations.

Wish you nothing but the best in your future!!!


Sad to see you go! Wish you all the very very best, Anton.


Oh, wow. This came as surprise.

Though I don’t think we have had the most significant of a relationship, I have seen you around Discord, the virtual skies, and most notably, the virtual control tower.

For the many times I’ve been under your control, you have done a phenomenal job.

I wish you the best in whatever life brings you. Your name will go down in history as a talented, skilled, kind, professional, and caring guy.

All the best, Anton. ❤️


You were a good supervisor, always providing the best service and advices to all of us, sad to see you go, I’m sure something better awaits you!

7/3 Anton!

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I wish you all the best Anton! Sad to see such a helpful and dedicated person leave the team and community. Personally, you’ve helped me with feedback from my controlling, and improved on it. 🖤

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