End of Day Shuttle Runs Pt. 9

This series has been going for some time now, but if somehow you haven’t heard what this is about, this is a way for myself and @Fourthnebula919 to relieve any stress or ailments from the day that has gone by! So without further ado, I will explain our most recent route!

On the most recent route we were joined by our friend @Swithord as we flew from Jakarta to Bali (Denpasar) onboard the Citilink A330-900neo. The flight lasted 1 hour and 26 minutes. While doing the flight we may have accidentally interrupted an @LionGroup.VA group flight haha. Apologies if we caused any delays on this! Now, onto the pictures!

Got to Have a Sneaky Safari in Jakarta and Managed to Catch a Pack of Lions

A Wingtip View of @Fourthnebula919 Taking Off and the Taxiing Lions

Taking Off from Jakarta with an Audience

Climbing Out of Jakarta with the Mountains in the Back

Descending into Denpasar Over Mount Raung

@Fourthnebula919 with the Absolute Butter into Bali

Slowing Down with @Swithord & @Fourthnebula919 Parking at the Terminal

Parked Up at a Busy Denpasar with @Swithord & @Fourthnebula919

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What route should we fly next?

  • Coimbatore to Mumbai on the Indigo A320
  • Manila to Kai Tak on the Philippine Airlines MD-11
  • Frankfurt to Reykjavik on the Icelandair B757-200
  • Zurich to London City on the Swiss Air A220-300
  • Bangkok to Paro on the DrukAir A319 (Generic due to lack of livery)
  • Riga to Heraklion on the AirBaltic A220-300

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This was a very fun flight, an the lions were great. Also welcome to the challenge @Swithord.

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that seemed like a very fun flight! i’m excited to join the next one!

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They really were, made it a lovely sight to see Jakarta full! And welcome @Swithord to the series!

Cant wait to have all of us flying! Just need @ThePotato to join us and we can have the crew together!

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