End Of Day shuttle Runs pt 6

Welcome to 6th End Of Day Shuttle Runs topic.

If you don’t know what this is, End Of Day Shuttle Runs is a series of evening flight me and @BP-Aviation perform to relieve ourselves of the border of the day. This time we flew form Atlanta to Boston on the a220 of Jetblue. Anyway on to the pictures!

Boogie Woogie Bluegle Boy, with Atlanta tower!

@BP-Aviation waits for me at the Runway, With Atlanta Tower!

I Takeoff, with… you guessed it Atlanta tower! if you can’t tell, I really like Atlanta tower

Climbing to cruise with some fields. 10 points to whoever guesses the airport

Desending over the Sea

At this point I was feeling lonely so I decided to squak 7700 and along came a friend In the form of @Swithord

Butter into Boston with their robot looking tower

There’s a imposter among us

Anyway it’s Poll time!!

Which Picture was was your favourite

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What route should we fly next

  • Stockholm - Palma de Mallorca on the Air Baltic A220-300
  • Mexico City - Los Angeles on the Cargolux B747-8
  • Mumbai - Dubai on the Emirates 777-W
  • Delhi - Hyderabad on the Air India 747-400

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I hope you enjoyed and I’ll catch you on the next one.


Beautiful shots! my favorite was the one with the fighter jet.

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Thank you and yes that was my favourite too


Awesome shots! The first photo is very nice!

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Thank you I’m glad you like it


Great shots man! Absolutely love doing this series! Some amazing flights are coming out of it!

Cool shots!

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Nice shots!

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Thank you very much

Thank you Glad you enjoyed

This series has been a blast. Thank you for flying with me


No worries, thank you for flying with me too, as things stand, I hope your B747 butter skills have not been lost!

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If y’all want to hop in training server I will join y’all

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Hey mate, unfortunately we only fly on Expert to avoid troll pilots and ATC that might appear, this is because if there is a troll pilot it might ruin what would be a perfect shot and this topic is not only about the flying but mine and @Fourthnebula919’s love for taking pictures during the flight. Apologies for this, but once you are able the Expert Server we are more than happy for you to join!

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