End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 5

Welcome back to the latest version of of the End of Day Shuttle Runs! Since we are on our fifth flight I do not believe I need to explain what this series is anymore, however, if you want a super quick summary of what it is you can see it on the last post here → End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 4

On to this route we have just flown, this was actually quite an interesting route with plenty to see! Especially the beautiful Austrian mountains as we flew from London City Airport to Salzburg on the BA CityFlyer E190. The flight took roughly 1 Hour and 35 Minutes. And without further ado, please enjoy the pictures! If you would like to ever join us on any of these routes please feel free to shoot myself or @Fourthnebula919 a quick DM.

1. Loading Up Before @Fourthnebula919 and I’s Quick Run to Austria

2. @Fourthnebula919 Leading the Way to Salzburg

3. Launching Off the Notoriously Short Runway like a Rocket!

4. Hopping Across the Narrow Part of the Channel

5. Starting Our Descent into the Austrian Mountains

6. The Approach into Salzburg Runway 33 Brings you Very Close to the Mountains!

7. Mere Seconds Before I Call Go-Around Behind @Fourthnebula919

8. Second Approach was Well Worth it with this View

9. Touchdown in Austria

10. Parked Up and Unloading with @Fourthnebula919

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What Route Should @Fourthnebula919 & I Fly Next?

  • Windsor (CYQG) - Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) on the Air Canada Express CRJ-200
  • Atlanta (KATL) - Boston (KBOS) on the JetBlue A220-300
  • Luanda (FNLU) - Cape Town (FACT) on the TAAG Angola Airlines B777-200ER
  • Panama City (MPTO) - David Sur (MPDA) on the Copa Airlines B737-800

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great day!


That was a great flight. Really enjoying the series.

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Could not agree more! That was a brilliant flight and I can not wait for the next flight!

Awesome pics! 🙂

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Thanks Man! Appreciate it!

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Embruh Moment 😆.

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Picture 7 is absolutely an “Embruh moment” haha

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Got a bit low there lol

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That was actually the Approach Plan 🤣 I think the real problem is the mountain was too high 🤣

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Ngl I’m kind of rooting for that AC CRJ-200, underrated plane

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