End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 4

If you’re new to this series here is a brief rundown. On a rather boring evening a few days ago I and @BP-Aviation found ourselves rather bored. So what better way to kill this boredom than with a quick and fun flight. and thus was born the series of the End of Day Shuttle Runs.

if you find this interesting you can check out the last installation here> End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 3

this time we flew from Denver to Tuscon.
and without further ado… the shots!

At the gate getting ready. Also Ground service!!

Taxiing to the runways with Denver tower in the background

Departure with the base of said Denver tower.

Climbing out over the misty Denver

Turning towards Tuscon

On final.

Moments before Ryanair

uhhhhhhh But actually from what BP told me the landing was quite good

Heart and Blue at the gate.

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Which route should we fly next

  • London City (EGLC) - Salzburg (LOWS) on the BA CityFlyer E190
  • Istanbul (LTFM) - Ankara (LTAC) on the Turkish Airlines B777-300ER
  • Buenos Aires (SAEZ) - Santiago (SCEL) on the JetSmart A320
  • Mumbai (VABB) to Udaipur (VAUD) on the Air India A321

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Thank you for reading and we will see you, next time!


Loving this series mate! But can’t remember which livery I was, whether picture 8 was me or you, but if it is me, I swear it was smooth on my end 🤣🤣

Beautiful scenery!

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Number eight 👀


Nothing to see here, just my internet trying to take my buttery landing away from me haha

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