End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 3

If you have not been keeping up with this series so far, the main idea behind the series is that @Fourthnebula919 and myself wanted a way to destress after a long day and what better way to do that than with IF! And in this third instalment we flew the route most voted on by members of the IFC, Hilo to Kahului on the Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 Grand Caravan! The flight lasted 44 minutes and we were joined by @the_ding for this flight! You will have noticed @Fourthnebula919 posted the last topic for this series, that is because since we are both running the series we are taking it in turns to show perspective!

If you would like to check out the last flight we did you can find it here → End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 2


1. I was testing out the new Ground Power Unit while @Fourthnebula919 and @the_ding prepared to fly

2. @Fourthnebula919 Lines Up on the Runway as @the_ding and I Hold Short

3. Departing Hilo International with the Terminal in the Back

4. Reaching the Cruise for this Short Flight in Front of the Volcano

5. Gliding Along the Northern Cliffs Along the Coast

6. A Look out of the Window as I Begin my Descent

7. Touching Down at Kahului Airport with @Fourthnebula919 Parking Up in the Back

8. @the_ding Crossing Runway 20 as I Slow Down to Exit the Runway in the Background

9. Parked Up at Kahului Airport with @Fourthnebula919 & @the_ding

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What Route Should @Fourthnebula919 & I Fly Next?

  • Addis Ababa (HAAB) - Kilimanjaro (HTKJ) on the Ethiopian Airlines A350-900
  • Jakarta (WIII) - Denpasar (WADD) on the Citilink A330-900neo
  • Denver (KDEN) - Tucson (KTUS) on the Southwest B737-800
  • Amsterdam (EHAM) - Belfast (EGAC) on the Flybe Dash 8-Q400

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I’d be very concerned if you were gliding lol

Excellent shots! Island hopping is awesome!
If I may recommend a route, seeing as Salzburg just became 3d, you could fly from Salzburg to Frankfurt.

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That may have been a poor choice of words… haha, my brain my have stopped working when thinking of words to describe.

That will definitely be in our list of possible routes at some point, we already had a few in our minds as we were finishing our flight yesterday from Naha, but will be sure to keep Salzburg in mind, thanks!

And thank you for your kind words on the shots!

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