End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 12

Hello everyone and welcome to another end-of-day shuttle runs topic!

For those of you who have not seen one yet, this is a series where I and @BP-Aviation fly every so often at the end of the day. This time we flew from Kathmandu to Paro on the Royal Buthan a319. Enjoy!

Rolling out to depart

The airport worker taking a break to snag a pic

V1, rOtAtE

Climbing out over the beautiful Himalayan landscape

A quick skip and we’re onto Paro

Seconds before the deadly turn

And I meant deadly. Spawning back in as @BP-Aviation hopes to do better.

Anyway, it’s time… for poll time!!

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What route should we fly next:

  • Kaohsiung (3D) to Macau (3D) on the TigerAir A319
  • Nairobi (3D) to Comoros (3D) on the Kenya Airways B737-800
  • Manchester (3D) to Innsbruck 3D on the TUI B757-200
  • Burbank (3D) to Denver (3D) on the Avelo 737-800

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Thanks for reading


Great photos! I always love these end of day shuttle runs.

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