End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 11

After the long break, End of Day Shuttle Runs is back!

For anyone new to the series, this is just an idea @Fourthnebula919 and I pulled together. This idea would see us embark on a fantastic journey to do a never ending list of short-haul routes. Anything under 3 hours with a livery in IF is on the table! This is a series I have been thoroughly enjoying as it is just a fantastic way to relax and de-stress at the end of a long day. And the best part? The IFC choose our next route out of a select few! You can also find our last flight here → Last flight! Anyway, enough babbling, onto the pictures!

Today’s flight was operating the Japan Airlines B737-800 from Tokyo Haneda to Aomori, the flight took roughly 55 minutes.

Who doesn’t love the Japan Airlines logo, especially with the Haneda tower in the back!

A Rival B777-200ER holding us up (Kidding, always nice to meet other pilots)

Climbing out over the Tokyo Bay Area

Offering passengers a fantastic view of Mount Fuji on departure

Descending into the Northern Japanese mountains

A very interesting approach into Aomori!

Touchdown in front of the Aomori tower

Parked up after our short hop, unfortunately we lost @Fourthnebula919 due to Wi-Fi issues

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Where should @Fourthnebula919 and I fly next?

  • Mumbai (3D) to Delhi (2D) on the Vistara A320
  • Sharjah (2D) to Doha (3D) on the Air Arabia A320
  • Kathmandu (3D) to Paro (3D) on the Drukair A319
  • Gold Coast (3D) to Christchurch (3D) on the Jetstar A320

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Those alpha 777s are always serious, bringing me down from 30 knots in such a short time is no small feat.

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You stopped right in your tracks!

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Great photos, I’d recommend zooming in a bit more.

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Thanks Canton! I will keep that in mind next time!

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