End of Day Shuttle Runs pt. 10

It’s time for part 10!!

After a short/long break we’re back doing more EDSH (end-of-day shuttle runs)!

For anyone who is new here, this series started after I and @BP-Aviation were bored after a long day of work and school. So every so often we do a short 1-3 hour flight at the end of the day. In the end, you decide which flight we will do next.

anyway here are the pictures:

@BP-Aviation getting ready to depart from Zurich

The alps make for a great canvas.

Over @Robertine land aka, baguette town aka, home of the broken planes

it’s a river, it’s an ocean, it’s the English Channel!!!

approaching London city as the dread of what I have to do sets in.

close call with another plane, also going to London city

Now lets all breath in and pretend this picture never happened, and that I never had to go around and I didn’t almost crash afterwards

Is ending the flight and spawning back in cheating, because I don’t think it is. Look it was for the pictures okay!

Anyway, you know what time it is, it’s poll time!!!
which picture is your favourite

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What route should we fly next:

  • Sydney (3D) - Lord Howe Island (3D) on the Qantas Dash8-Q400
  • Stockholm (3D) - (3D) Riga on the Air Baltic a220
  • Tokyo Haneda (3D) - Aomori (3D) on the Japan Airlines B737-800
  • Manila (3D) - Puerto Princesa (3D) on the Cebu Pacific A321

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Thanks for checking our topic out!


Nice shots!

That can’t be France btw, there are no clouds


I thought that only applied to the UK?!?


Mate thoroughly enjoying this series, interested to see where we are flying tonight!

I think the text is referring to the picture above it meaning the third picture is France, not the fourth.

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