End of an era for the RAF

(photo owned by the RAF)

After over 40 years of service the RAF the Tornado is finally retiring. The Tornado was introduced as the G1 in 1979. For 40 years it provided a multi roll operation. The Tornado made it’s combat debut in 1991 during the Gulf War. Operation Granby saw nearly 60 Tornadoes fighting during this operation. The Tornado was heavily used in the invasion of of Iraq in 2003. RAF Tornados flew in the opening phase of the war, flying alongside American strike aircraft to rapidly attack key installations. Tornadoes were also deployed to support the no fly zone in Libya in 2011. In 2014 the UK authorized Tornadoes to strike in Syria against ISIS.

The Tornado replacement will be the F-35 and the Typhoon, the Typhoon’s currently serve fighting against ISIS/ISIL.


What a big F

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RIP the tornado. You will be missed.

The tornado, oof, RIP, us and the RAF will miss you!

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First the mirage 2000N, now the tornado? European military aviation is leaving his bomber for the multirole…

They stop flying in March. I’m hoping to go Marham to see them before they go. They stopped flying at low level a few weeks ago.

Here is a great video the RAF released just today, it’s a great sendoff for the Tornado which even has it’s own music composed especially for the occasion.


Why why why why why?!

I am tired of the F-35 replacing other good aircraft!

Im down at Marham for a few days to see the final Tornado flight tomorrow. They’re doing a 9 ship fly past for the disbandment ceremony (weather permitting). Coningsby are on nights this week also so I might head over to see them as well.

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That’s the final flight of the Tornado in RAF service completed. There was no 9 ship, just a single aircraft which performed a fly past at RAF Holbeach as well as a few very low flypasts over the disbandment ceremony at RAF Marham.

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Man this sucks, easily one of the best multirole ally aircraft. Sad I never got to see them in action at RF. You will be missed ☹. Thank you for the sorties and support you provided to my brothers and sisters in arms down range. Mission accomplished and enjoy the retirement.

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Got some photos of the Tornado, as well as F-15s at Lakenheath. Currently at Coningsby hoping to see some Typhoons on night ops.

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