End of an era - Bjornpilot

Sad news coming from @Bjornpilot (Instagram) this morning. The SAS-captain has been dismissed from his job and will no longer be a pilot for the Scandinavian airline. He states the reason to be his social media activity, and not due to Covid-19.
Sad to see that it has ended in a conflict for an airline-pilot i have followed for many years.



sad sad sad…, such shame

Thats a real shame… I loved his Youtube Content… Doesn’t seem like a real reason to be dismissed from your Job…


Hey there this is quite a shame, i love his videos. But this should come under the #real-world-aviation as this is not directly linked to infinite flight. More about this category below:

thats too bad… i enjoyed his videos a lot. I hope he can find another job, even if it means he cant make videos

I got the feeling they used his social media activity as an excuse to lay off a pilot…

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He should start legal proceedings for unlawful dismissal if that’s the reason IMAO
It’s sad

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It’s funny a couple years back there’s a shortage of qualified pilots as airlines are expanding.
Now in the face of covid19 pandemic, there’s going to be a surplus.
Not a great time for any trainees

Really sad that an epic has left his epic job😔

It’s a bit more complex here in the Nordics. We have a very established union culture and you can’t dismiss anyone without a valid reason.


sad. I would be so sad if that happened to me :((((

The first post clearly stated the reason for his dismissal is to do with social media activity.
Now I don’t know about the Nordics Union culture with the pilots or airline staff but from an outsider that would count as unfair dismissal unless he did something that SAS did not approve, thus, his dismissal

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Didn’t the airline have to give him permission to take video and photos in the first place?

He would need an approval to film the cockpit i believe, therefore this dismissal is unlawful

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Given the fact that you don’t know anything more than that, i would take it slow with making any assumptions.

As i said, you can’t fire someone that easy over here. And since as you say, you don’t know anything about how strong the union is over here… trust one that does ;)


I believe you @schyllberg!
There’s always something behind the scenes that no one knows. Let’s not make assumptions
But nevertheless its a shame


I don’t even know this guy, but its pretty sad.

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I read somewhere that one of the reasons behind it was that he used his social-media account to market himself (cars involved with local dealer, books he has written) and SAS didnt like that.
Obvs pure speculation and the real truth will probably not be known

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Sad to see a 36 year career end like that. I’ve been a fan of his since mid 2020 and love both his YouTube and Instagram content. Hopefully he enjoys his retirement and best of luck with his future!

But is he retired now or will he try to get another job?