Encountered Serious Bug!

I was doing T&Gs’ at Kona this evening, when after doing a couple, this happened… Now I have a speed violation for flying underground?? Can that get reversed?
I seemed to just pass straight through the runway and then this was my view…IMG_2309
As you can see my ground speed was 131kts at this point… PWR @ 0% Pretty soon… the aircraft was just tumbling in a void
IMG_2311 Suddenly my speed was 194kts PWR still 0%
IMG_2312 - Then this…
IMG_2313 a speed violation… taking into account
IMG_2315 I was -5595ft at the time… and i assure you landed on the runway, must have gone through portal to the void or something… PWR was still 0%


This is a known bug however no one has gotten violations from it so far.

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Like the others have said, this is known. Seb, has graciously provided a solution to the issue you’re experiencing.


Had a similar issue with descending all of a sudden when flying from Auckland to Doha. I did receive several speed violations and was ghosted. So, yeah, that is a major downer.

they should reverse that, I would expect the same for me, if not then it’s simply not cool to expect folks who have paid for the app to also pay for the teething issues… app crashing, terrain corruption etc… i get it, but to penalize your customers for it…? I’ll see if they do the right thing, i have faith they will.

It’s probably that bug; it’s known and they’re working on fixing it.

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About the violations, as this was caused by an app glitch and is not related to you, contact @Tyler_Shelton and he may be able to assist you.


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Simple solution - just fly in Casual. Zero violations 😀

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