Encountered a Feature I find New

I nosed dived from 46000 feet it’s solo,just flight test don’t start condemning me and as usual I meant to pull up really hard around 5000feet and Get the full potential of wing flex…but today everything went wrong!Diving at around -100000Vs around Mach 1.9+ The control surfaces freezed i mean I couldn’t pull up at 100% trim then shortly afterwards i entered into a spiral dive that i couldn’t recover from and also stalled at mach 1.9+ ofcourse i crashed really bad…i thought it was a bug and did it again the result was the same!This is sure very realistic but how long has this feature been around cause I’ve never experienced such realistic “before crash events”…I’ve done this before in other aircrafts eg,748


You exceeded the aircraft structural resistance. So the aircraft may have broken in half, giving you no chances of control.

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Yes i know that…the question is how long has this feature been around… Note! I’ve done that before…

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If it didn’t happen with the 748 but it did with the 787, then it was added with it.

Most likely…Maybe I’ll do my "skilled flight test"again on other aircrafts…I thought maybe i was the one missing out stuff



I got to Mach 2.34 in an F-14 doing that…it didn’t end well…

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I think you had a problem with the amount of force you’re trying to exert exceeding modelling capacities.

Hahha if just goes, nope. Cant do that.

Even in an F-14?That’s shocking with all those stunts i pull up without crashes …let me see if it’ll “end up well” for me

Yeah, but then again I started pulling back at about 3000 feet as hard as possible due to low visibility, so…Well, it might work.

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I’m expecting the don’t sink warning soon

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