ENBR issues

Hi infinite flight I just saw that some of the jet Bridges are like glitching in to the box thing I don’t know what is it but and the airport is ENBR Norway

Hello, thanks a lot for the report. I’ll have this noted internally and hopefully a fix will come soon. If I may ask, which gate this did occur at?


Terminal 2 gate 24

Alright, really appreciate the report. I’ll have this passed on to the relevant editors.

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Ok I have one More issue at ENBR @LordWizrak

This is a known issue.
The reason is that we do not have the Jetbridge typ that many Scandinavian airports use available in IF. As long as we didn’t get new jetbridge variants we have to tolerate some overlapping.
Thanks for understanding and patience.

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And there is a problem with the mountains because if you can see the mountains are glitches

@LordWizrak @Major-Tom

It’s not a problem with the airport, it’s just because in the game above 60’N and 60’S everything is flat, due to some reasons. Flying North Of 60


Ok @Alexorlov

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