Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

Does this have game two factor authentication app

Nope it doesntc

Are you talking about the Infinite Flight Community?

Just want to know security protecting people account

If that’s a yes, then yes, there is. Navigate to your profile, then security, and enable it:

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As of now the Infinite Flight app does not have two factor authentication. However your ifc account does so you can connect that to infinite flight and use two factor authentication or use your google/Apple account’s two factor authentication.

That was not my idea Just want to know the app support

Just to clarify how you can login to the Infinite Flight app: for most people, we log in using your purchase receipt from Google Play or the Apple App Store. In this case, you can protect your account by ensuring 2FA is enabled on your store accounts.

If you are linked with the IFC, you can use this method to login - you can enable 2FA via your profile for this (as shown by @thomas_g)


Just in case your not sure how to set up 2fa for your Apple account or google account here are the links provided by their support: