Enable landings lights at 10,000 ft or when entering the glide slope?

I thought they were turned on until you hit 10,000 ft after your departure?

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Landing lights are turned on between 10,000 feet and the airport, on takeoff and landing

So when you takeoff from an airport, you can turn off landing lights once you reach 10000. And when descending, you turn them on as you pass through 10000

Strobes should be on from takeoff to landing, as well as any time you cross a runway on ground.

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Turn ON when you enter your departure runway
Turn OFF when you exit your arrival runway

Landing Lights:

Turn OFF when ascending through 10000ft
Turn ON when descending through 10000ft


What about day time?

Same rules in the day as in the night…

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IRL I don’t see strobe lights on during the day.

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You should have strobes on during the day - you just don’t notice them much…

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Same rule applies

(GA aircraft are a bit different, you don’t need to turn on landing lights during the day)

Strobes should be on anytime you are airborne

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uhhhh…ok lol

@phoenix006 It’s just a typo…

@Axtheticly two things here. Wikipedia is not always reliable. As @IF787 rules may differ with GA aircraft, but strobes should be use during the day. You may not see them as clearly because it’s day and there is a lot of light.


Should we activate them at 10000ft AGL or MSL? Because some airports are located very high from the sea

SKBO for example (8360ft MSL)
After take off, should I accelerate >250kts from 10000ft MSL or from 18360ft MSL (and turn off my landing lights)

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i think it is AGL

Different operators do different things with lights. Strobes should be on from the moment you enter the runway, to the moment you exit the runway, plus when you cross anyway runways. Basically, on a runway or in the air.
Landing lights change with operators. They should be on when on a runway. When taking off, some ops turn them off when retracting the gear, some do it at 10,000, some wait until 18,000. On landing, some do it from 18,000, some at 10,000, some when cleared to land. So, guess you can choose.


Thank you mate !

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I can’t fly right now, sorry

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no problem at all!

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