Enable google play / Up-to-date version?

Anyone can explain what should i do ??
When i want to subscribe again then this message pops up and also the App close instantly…

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Does your simulator run on 22.02 ?

You can check that in the app store.
About this game → Scroll to the very end

It does…
But still the pops up shows multiple times…
My Google play also already enable

I also re-install multiple times but the pop ups still shows

Make sure you download Infinite Flight from Play store, and that your device is still supported and passes Google safteynet

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@Fathul_Muiz can you clarify exactly which device you are using and what version of Android/ OneUI it is on?

I’m using Samsung A12 and using Android 11

I already download since a long time and theres no problem.
The problem is start from a few days before.

Check if everything is up to date, clear cache memory of Google play then restart. If it’s still failing, check whether your device passes the safteynet. Screenshot the results and any error messages you get

Are you using the latest IF version? And also what’s your device specification?

Its been mentioned above that the device is a Samsung A12 running android 11

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Are you using 64-bit or 32-bit on your device?

The A12 operates on a 64 Bit architecture

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Ensure that both the Play Store application and the Play Services are up to date. You can find more information about that here:

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