En route Climb & Descent Calcs

I know there’s already an official post by IF on how to do this, but I’d like to show an easier method that users with less Theoretical knowledge may benefit from. it’s super easy!

If you know your time (ETI) to your destination and altitude to lose, then plug it into this formula!
Rate= ALT to lose or gain / ETI

Here’s a worked example:
If we are 25mins away from YMML at 7000’ what is our expected ROD?

Use extract above to help.
Ans: 263’ FPM

    • Altitude from airfield elevation
  1. / that height by time (ETI)
    We’ll talk about why and how this works in my upcoming D.S.T post.
    Hope you all enjoyed this intro!
    (If I made any mistakes plz tell me)

Amazing job! I realley love this post. This definitely deservers to be pinned in my opinion. This would help me so much in IF and in other sims!

Keep up the amazing work!

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Thank you so much! I really love teaching this stuff because it solidifies my understanding of it. I’ll keep it up!😁

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