Emulator for Infinite flight

Just woke up from dead knowing that the version I was playing in ld player was 23.3 instead of 24.1 . However ld player not supports andriod 10+ . Any users here using emulators please help me out!!

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Don’t have emulators but you can try bluestacks

first off, congratulations on coming back to life.

second off, i’m fairly sure Bluestacks has the latest version:

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Do bear in mind though that Bluestacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight - so if you encounter issues (which is likely) there isn’t much we can do to help.

Hello, I use infinite flight on an emulator, and yes, emulators had problems with the new Infinite Flight updates, I am using Blue Stacks with version 23.3 of the Infinite Application, due to a problem in the main flight mode selection interface of the new versions available, even if you can run the application, there is nothing you can do to resolve the bug, which consists of: Clicking on flight mode and it closes immediately, the only way to use the new versions without facing this forced closing is to stay connected to the desired server, and update the application, thus flying permanently on the selected server in the old version 23.3, 24.1 brought this interface bug and even if you are using the latest updated version of Android, the problem persists, however By doing this procedure, it is possible to continue flying, remembering that it is not exclusively on Blue Stacks, the problem occurs in other emulators with the new update, which support told me cannot help, as they do not support software that does not come from smartphones. , unfortunate.


yep got blustacks but it have some issue I’ll figure out to make it work

Windows and Mac: Bluestacks

Linux: Waydroid

any else where to migrate??

never heard of that I’ll dual boot pc then

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