Emulating and Emulators

I already tested all the emulators as I posted here.
I was going to give up on using IF anyway because I thought there would be no more significant changes.
But I was wrong of course there are some people who are really boring about infinite and this is tiring me. Then Bluestacks releases its new version and that perfect version for infinity.
So I will continue on this new topic to show and talk about emulators.
I will try to install the joystick and buttons for commands if it has relevant results I will post here for you.
version 4.130 photo A / 4.140 photo B


In this release three major changes.
Earlier versions were not allowing me to update and emulate, forcing me to give up.
The other change is the sound driver. This release resolved the issue of audio crashes on my PC.
Change number 3 is the color. It got a lot more real.
The infinite is very good now.

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Is there any way to emulate from iPad?!

Why would you want to emulate from an iPad when the app can run natively on your device anyway?

Also please note that infinite flight does not officially support any emulators and it is advised against


You can.

You need an Apple computer. Use QuickTime player. That’s how I do it ;)

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So no chance in Windows 10?!

Not sure about that, as I’m not a PC geek. Only know Apple :)

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You can emulate on windows incredibly easily… I’m not sure if you understand the concept of emulating properly…

It’s just a case of installing the bluestacks .exe file and running it 🤷

Provided you have hardware acceleration on your PC, you should be able to boot the application but there’s no guarantee it will work well or be stable as it isn’t supported.

So on my Windows 10, i just need to install Bluestacks and it should work, shouldn’t it?! I have an iPad Air 2019 device

Again I don’t think you quite understand the purpose of emulating… Your iPad will be completely irrelevant as the simulator will be running on your pc using an emulator…

However there’s no guarantee the app will run smoothly at all, it’s incredibly dependent on the hardware you have as bluestacks is very resource intensive.

I understand the meaning, don’t worry but I haven’t tried this feature before nor even thought of it… Anyway thanks for offering a help…

I completed 3 years of use and yes in the beginning gave many problems and yes there is no support. However this is IF thing that does not want to get involved in PC but it is fair.
The supports I needed and asked for help here worked for me very simply the reason is that it does not give problems. I needed support because I did not know IF very well but today I can say that a complete and well developed system and bluestacks has an interesting commitment that in these 3 years has been working for me that use IF and only on the PC.

so i guess bluestacks is good only you have to use android

i like it

good thing i am getting a new pc

As to go to tech guy on the forum, I beg to differ 😜

I have never said bluestacks does not work, I’ve just said it isn’t stable or supported. It will run differently depending on the PC you are using. Computers that do not have access to hardware accelerated encoding will not be able to run the emulator at a good frame rate, or in some cases be unable to boot it at all.

I have an incredibly powerful computer, but because of the lack of optimisation for my hardware, bluestacks doesn’t run very well. On my laptop however, I have absolutely no issues.

I wish that you would make this into a tutorial. At this point, they seem more like a personal blog post and are incredibly unorganized.

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See emulate is not just install the emulator ok.
You have to install 4 files to get everything right besides the emulator.
I left the installation post here just look.
I will not talk more about installation but emulation and news like the Joystick and buttons and other accessories I want to see if I can apply here.

Tonight I took off from Klax to Paris.
It was plugged in all night and a bug that in versions 4.110 through 4.130 no longer appeared.
A drive defect that sometimes made sound duplicate and made voice audio incomprehensible.
This is lighter than the previous versions and one thing caught my attention the graphics are at most I could see the planes taking off a good distance from Paris airport.
I recommend the upgrade.

To update:
The bluestacks in this new version are sending you a screen inside the bluestacks itself when you start.
1 - accept the update (will load normally).
2 - restart bluestacks and click cancel because it will inform you that there is an open blue is the icon to the right of your windows screen.
3 - Open the bluestacks your settings as I taught in my previous posts are all transferred to this new version (this did not happen before) (it was necessary to uninstall to have new versions without defect).
4 - After opening bluestacks if used command they will be exposed just click the icon with the eye and lower the level will be hidden again.
Good flight friends.

Search my posts and you will better understand the things that I speak here ok.
Doubts can look for me, but I’m traveling a lot so sometimes I take a long time to answer.

Interesting to know about this version, currently I use this one in the photo, the only problem sometimes is that the audio simply disappears and comes back in some situations when the engine is at 20%

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what is the requeriments of your pc ? the rendering is heavy?