Empty weights for 737-800/900

Just wondering… every time I plug in a simbrief calculation for a flight with the 737-800 or -900, the BOEW is off by about 5000-15000 pounds. I’ve come to realize that the empty weights in IF for the entire 737 series is the same… can this be edited in the model and menu for the next update, if possible, please? Would be much appreciated. Thank you!

SimBrief uses different weight data from IF. You have to customize your aircraft to fit IF’s preferences. Go to the dispatch tab and click the my fleet button. From there, add a new fleet and customize the settings based on Infinite Flight’s weight and balance settings.

Here is my custom fleet for the 737 family.


Well yes I know that, what I’m saying is that there is no way that the basic operable empty weight of the -900 is the exact same as the -700, considering the -900 is about 30 feet longer and holds about 40 more pax.

I understand where you’re coming from completely. :)

Just looked up the specifications and noticed that all 3 planes do have different OEWs. This is something I did not realize in IF. Hopefully this is something addressed after a full rework of the aircraft. I’m surprised it wasn’t looked at for the recent 737 upgrade.

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