Empty weight question

This is in RWA as it is a question about weights IRL, and why they are diffferent to IF

I’ve got a question about weights - i know OEW stands for operating empty weight and is the plane with all fluids and things necessary to fly except fuel and with 0 payload, but, I keep noticing discrepancies between the wikipedia or simbrief OEW and the weight of the aircraft without Pax, fuel or cargo in IF.(

Example, Jetstar 787:
OEW of 119,950 IRL
Weight without anything of just over 130,000 in IF

Is there something obvious i’m missing that explains the extra 10 tons (something in the plane on IF that wouldn’t be in OEW calculation)? I really can’t think of it. Thanks!


Wikipedia has OEW for the 787-8 at 119,950 kilograms. I’m not sure where you got the 199,950 from.

Keep in mind that passenger seats and other miscellaneous items will contribute to dry weight for operating frames. I will use a real-world example. An unnamed airline’s 777s has dry weights that are about 8,000-9,000 kilograms higher than the manufacturer quoted OEW. Jetstar’s 787s has more seats than those 777s, so a 10-12 ton discrepancy makes sense. Blue juice and water can also increase the load significantly.

Thanks. The 199 was a typo, meant to be 119.

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