Empty Sky's With Global Means No ATC

So one of the things that worries me with global is that the sky’s will become ghost towns. On most days only a couple hundred planes will be flying around the world. With so few spread across tons of airspace I feel like the ATC players like myself will get shafted.

ATC is the most fun when you have a steady stream of planes to control, what I think will happen in global is maybe one or two airports will get enough consistent traffic for ATC players to be interested, the rest will stay unicom because not enough planes land or take off or enter your airspace to have fun with. I know for me I basically only control four different airports because they are the only ones without huge dead zones between takeoff and landing.

What are your thoughts? Do you think ATC will suffer when global comes out or will most people stick to their go to region cough socal cough and just branch out slightly from there.


There are many topics pertaining to this.


dun Dun DUN!

Cue the FUD train! 😅

I’m sure there will be people playing center ATC role for TATL, TPAC.

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