Empty buffer with ATC Audio Messages after switching frequencies

It would be great when, after switching frequencies, the buffer with ATC audio messages could be emptied. When you switch from a very busy frequency to another one, the buffered audio ATC messages keep coming for a while, 'causing the messages from the new frequency to lag as well.
As far as I’m concerned the audio messages from the first frequency can be cut off when switched to the new frequency. Would that be possible?

I’m not talking about not switching frequencies by hand after hearing “Frequency change approved” and still hearing what’s going on because you’re still on the same frequency.


This is because when you leave the previous frequency, the controller from that tower still thinks you are connected and you still receive all the messages. I’ve already suggested for this to be changed.

No, it’s the buffer. I’m talking about the messages I’ve already seen but not yet heard.
I don’t need to hear those when I’ve already switched and seen the instructions from the new frequency. The buffer prevents me from hearing those new instructions. So if the buffer could be emptied, it would be great.

I’m not talking about not switching frequencies by hand after hearing “Frequency change approved”.

No matter if the controller has said frequency change approved and you have left the frequency, you will still receive the messages until they finish when you have selected a new frequency. That’s what I was trying to explain above.

Yes @EdT, that is what @Jan_Polet wants to be removed after switching drequency, he wants that buffer to go away.

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