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I’ve tried it but I can’t use the Emoji’s just to let you guys know I am on desktop. I tried to use the one the Welcome message had and still doesn’t work can anyone help.

Here’s some examples: :smile: :smiley: and :grinning:

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Emojis don’t work on desktop. Mobile users only.

Aww ok I thought it would D:


😀😀😀 emojis!

Some mobile emojis appear in a different way on pc.

Emojis work if you’re on a mac. Or at least it works for me (i can only view it not reproduce it unless i go into messages app and copy and paste the emoji from there).

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Why? just why? 😂


Emojis don´t bring anything to topics/threads, they´re useless for the forum.

Yeah never knew well I can still do this :D

As Dush said, they don’t work on desktop.

Discourse uses EmojiOne as the default emoji.
You can get the EmojiOne chrome extension here.

Always Useless 😜😂

Get from emojipedia.org

So that’s why the emojis are not showed in the toolbar in my desktop, ok this can answer my doubts, I was thinking in create a topic for ask this but is now unnecessary. Good to know this :)

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