Emoji Discourse

I have a very odd but valid question. Are emojis allowed on the forum? It seems as though people stay away from them & for the many years I’ve been in the community, I’ve rarely seen them in use in any comment section. Are there restrictions against them or something?

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They’re allowed; I guess people don’t always use them in every post

Personally I use 😂 and 🔥 a lot

Basically, emojis are definitely allowed 🙂 Just don’t be obnoxious with them I guess


They are allowed, the thing is that you cannot use emojis from this forum:

In almost every discourse forum, they have this option:

But in this forum, you cannot do it, especially from your computer.

Still, you can use emojis from your mobile device :)

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I use them often, the only thing is that I mostly use the forum from my Mac and emojis aren’t as readily available as they are when typing on my iPhone. I could still use them here ✈️…but pressing Function+E is an extra step versus just having them right there on your iPhone keyboard or even having them pop up automatically (which Mac can’t do, not even in Messages or Mail). I wish Apple would fix that by the way. But I digress lol

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Depends on the computer. If it’s a Mac, then yes you can use emoji 😁


I’m sorry 🤔 what 😯were you 👈🏽 saying? 😅 ✈️


You are allowed to use emojis. A lot of people access the community from a PC where there’s no native emoji integration in the keyboard yet. Obviously, there are a few emojis that would be considered inappropriate on the IFC, but as long as you stick to our forum rules you’ll be fine 😊