Emirates Will Start Daily Service To FLL

From December 15th, Emirates will start daily service to FLL.


FLL has definitely seen an influx in international service in the past couple of years. I think that Emirates made a good decision by adding FLL. It will help out the south Florida market by increasing tourism.

Any reason why they chose FLL over MIA?


At least I get to see a 777 everyday


Discovery channel narration “A happy nismo is seen prancing with his new high quality camera at KFLL taking too many pictures to count of a 777”

In all seriousness excited to see Emirates make there way to Florida maybe KMCO can get a couple more flights too

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That doesn’t make sense although it sound like what i’m going to be doing.

Quick lesson: Nismo is Nissan’s performance team. So for now, i’m just going to say a nismo is a happy Planespotter.

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Why tho? I don’t think they need to increase service at MCO.

Seeing few more plane wouldn’t hurt to watch ;)

Probably because MIA is a fortress hub for American and the Legacy carriers dont like the ME3 from stepping on their turf. Only Qatar flies out of MIA for the Middle East. MIA also has a lack of large gate space and most are shared by OneWorld airlines.


It would for ATC. The rate of Go Arounds would go up a bit.

I agree with you on that but unless a whole lot of people feel like going to Disney, it probably won’t happen.

Lol I know I wasn’t saying it from a business stand point as its a good reason but just I would like to see another heavy at Orlando :)

Yup this is “old news” and i booked a flight on the second day they start service from FLL. Have exams on the 15th :)

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Also landing and gate fees might be cheaper than MIA due to the size and amount of traffic at FLL

Should be a good investment of aircraft for Emirates. Will they just use 777s?

They shall be utilising a B777-200LR on the route , but will probably up this to a B777-300ER in the future …

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Then an A380 eventually I imagine

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KFLL is not A380 airport

Not at the moment. But emirates has a lot of money I wouldn’t me surprised if in 10 years it is an A380 airport with Emirates flying there

Two, BA are starting services as well.

I guess more Airlines from across the Atlantic will start coming.