Emirates Virtual windows on a 777-300ER

Just gonna leave this here… I honestly don’t know how this would happen, would require a lot of power! Plus as a passenger idk how I’d feel.

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In the first class of the new 777’s of emirates, they already added them for the middle suits.

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First of all I don’t think Boeing will make new aircraft just for them without windows and secondly why in early would this ever get approved? I say that it won’t ever because technology can’t be relied on and let’s say it failed and there was a fire outside or whatever on the aircraft you wouldn’t be able to safely operate the aircraft and know which exits to use etc.


Plus it’s just making it even harder to implement into IF:p


Firstly they will keep the exit door inspection windows. They are a legal requirement for exactly the scenario you envisage.

Secondly this will, in my humble opinion, happen. As we move toward ever more composite airframes having to ‘cut holes’ for the windows gets ever more complicated and degrades the structural integrity of the composite fuselage.

Adding cameras to the outside to feed light weight OLED screens on the inside is considerably lighter than having to ‘beef up’ a hundred holes in the hull with triple glazed tiny windows!

As for emergencies it has been put forward to us, the drivers, that the feeds from the external cameras, using double redundant feed systems, would be available to us. This would be a massive improvement at it is often difficult in the front to accurately ascertain the severity of a fire/failure from those working in the back. Often the crew have a boolean outlook on malfunctions, live or die. In the front we deal with them far more often so we have a grey gradient from ‘whatever’ to ‘Holy Cow!’.

It’ll come. Just a matter of time.


Maybe they’ve decided to covert Freighters to Passenger planes!

This has already been implemented on their other aircraft. Came upon this while researching for an aviation project.

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Totally agree here. Even though I worry now about implementation details, people worried that FedEx was unreal and impossible to implement back in the day, and look where they are today. And the virtual window idea is something much simpler than FedEx.

Wow, meanwhile im stuck in economy between 2 people who insist my shoulder is a pillow in the back row hearing the toilet every time while trying to indulge on my 30 cent bag of peanuts

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I don’t think this idea is a very good idea to put on aircrafts, I believe that it can pose safety hazards such as a mass power outage and the cameras and screens go black. Also I’m not sure about the structural integrity or aerodynamics of the aircraft with mounting the cameras on the aircraft. Also how will the emergency exits work if the camera is in water and you can’t see if they’re hazards on the other side of the emergency exits. I think it is a bad idea but very advanced and these are my thoughts on the issue.

We’ve got cameras mounted all over the outside of modern airliners already. The 777-300 has them for the nose wheel and flush mounted to the stabaliser for monitoring the main gear in turns (hence the big black stripe on the upper wing surface). No issues with integrity or aerodynamics!

As for the emergency exits they will keep the inspection windows. They are part of the door structure and an egress requirement. Removing windows is one thing, removing doors might lead to an accessibility issue! ;)

Cameras failing or screens going off aren’t really an issue. It’s no different to having a cabin lighting failure at night. Gets dark and the emergency lights kick in. No issue. Whilst some people like the windows others don’t. You really don’t need them to be honest.


Well I am meaning don’t fix something that ain’t broke

I understand perfectly where you are coming from. However it is interesting to note that the integrity of the hull structure is compromised by the windows. (have a look at the history of the Comet!)

Removing them or, in the case of the existing Emirates aircraft, blanking them enhances the structural integrity whilst reducing weight (replace the window assembly with 1 sheet of Aluminum, insulation and plastic trim) . Win win really.

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How much longer until we have cockpits with full implementation of LCD screens instead of windows? Would prevent windows from blowing out and pilots being sucked out. But I think we will have planes flying themselves with no pilots before that happens. Or being controlled similar to a drone.
It’s interesting where our future will take us.

If planes uses virtual window instead of a real glass, I would rather take a train or drive a car, it is cheaper and I could visit beautiful places along the way

Well, driving a car from Dubai to New York is probably more expensive than flying 🤔

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Already been tried in the mid 90’s.

NASA were experimenting with supersonic flight and deemed that the 5 tonne mechanism for nose droop on the Concorde was just too heavy and expensive. So they modified a 737 to put the cockpit in the middle of the aircraft using tv screens to relay the info to the landing pilot.

It didn’t go too well from what I can remember as there is more to landing a jet than sight, the peripheral senses play a big roll too!

NASA’s supersonic experiment - cockpit windowless planes!

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Not to mention there’s no Trans-Atlantic train crossing yet

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Well that sure would be fun to try

I need to see out the window. And there wouldn’t be any natural light. It would really emphasise and show the fact that you are literally like in a metal tube