Emirates Virtual Official Thread | Hello Tomorrow!

Thankyou for letting me know

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As the old COO under Connor, I am so glad to see EKV back up! I wish you guys luck.

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Just sent an application,
Can’t wait to be part of this VA😄🇦🇪


I haven’t even started training, and I like it already 🇦🇪


This VA looks quite promising! Love the website guys :)


Is this VA still in operation, I applied a week ago, still no response

Hello! And yes, however we have temporarily closed our applications until we train all the pilots currently in the VA. Once the applications open up again we will message you!

Great thanks for getting back to me

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can i apply now?

When the a350 comes out are you guys going to fly I really want to fly it when it comes out

Emirates fleet has no A350s so they won’t be flying it.

They ordered 30 a350s and 40 i think a330s

I know all about there orders trust me my dad flies for Emirates but what i meant is rightnow

Oh I know not right now but I mean when they get the a350s

in the requirements it says you must have ifc and be over 12 but you need to be over 13 so theres not much point in saying you need to be over 12


Please let us know when you open for pilot, i believe many people wants to join EKVA😁

Is this VA still open?

I almost was going to apply, but it says closed on the application. :(

EKVA is currently training their trainees.


Good luck guys.