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Emirates Virtual IFC Thread


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About us

In July 2018 our founder Dan had the great idea to build up a VA. He quickly invited a few people, created a discord server and a website. That was how everything started. On the 5th of September, our first flight ever took off to Shanghai. We slowly started to grow and added more and more pilots to the crew. We realized that a growing team poses a big challenge to our staff team. Although we tried our best to work on every request by our pilots we simply could not make every pilot happy. At this point, we reworked our whole system in order to be able to handle a bigger crew.
The next step was and still is to get our VA IFVARB approved. We worked very hard on finishing all the required documents and realized that it wouldn’t be easy to run a VA.
On the 8th of May, we finally reached our long-time aim! We received a message from the IFVARB team who told us that we are finally approved.

Now you know our story. But what about you? Join us and let us know your amazing story!

Our Staff is dedicated to our pilots’ success and growth. Here are our Staff Members:

Upper Management
Lower Management

We, the staff team of Emirates Virtual Airline, are proud to see that our pilots spend a lot of time in the lovely skies of Infinite Flight. In order to show that we appreciate your support, you have the ability to achieve ranks. Let us show you our ranking structure.

Our Ranks
  • Trainee
    Required flight time: 0 hours
    Abilities: Join our Training classes to earn more knowledge about flying in Infinite Flight and in real life

  • Crew Member
    Required flight time: 1 hour
    Abilities: After you passed our practical test you will be promoted to the Crew Member rank. This allows you to use our crew center and to log flights.

  • First Officer
    Required flight time: 50 hours
    Abilities: Can apply for cargo pilot role

  • Captain
    Required flight time: 100 hours
    Abilities: Can apply for Staff role

  • Expert pilot
    Required flight time: 250 hours
    Abilities: Once you reached this rank you will be able to apply for the Trainer role in order to assist us when new Trainees take the practical test.

Here at Emirates Virtual Airline, we use four different aircraft.

The Boeing 777-200LR

Specifications and details
  • Up to 266 passengers
  • More than 17400km / 9400 nautical miles range

The Boeing 777-300ER

Specifications and details
  • Carrying up to 442 passengers
  • More than 14500km /7800nm range
  • Largest twin engine jet

The Airbus A380

Specifications and details
  • Up to 615 passengers
  • More than 8000 nautical miles range
  • Largest passenger aircraft in the world
  • Up to 560000kg / 1234600lbs when taking off

And if you prefer flying cargo routes you should probably check out our freighter.

The Boeing 777-200F

Specifications and details
  • Carrying up to 107000kg / 235890lbs cargo
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • Stationed at Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (OMDW)

Here are a few reasons why you should join our amazing virtual airline.

  • We have a huge route map covering six continents and more than 140 destinations.
  • We have a very friendly and mind opened community and are happy to see so many nationalities.
  • We offer many high-quality trainings to help less experienced pilots to improve their skills and also those who always want to learn something new.
  • We have a modern high-quality CrewCenter
  • You as a cargo pilot have the ability to discover tons of new and interesting destinations all over the world

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to click here to take our recruitment test. We also recommend to check out our " Join us " section on our website if you have any questions.

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Yes, they’re back!
Edit: for all that don’t know, EKVA closed a few months back


As the old CEO of Emirates Virtual, I’m glad to see the VA Back. Hope to see EKV last a long time!


Cannot wait to join!


Just Apllied!


I clicked the apply button like never before!


Looks amazing! One question, do you guys use Discord or Slack for communication?


Discord :)


Awesome! Just applied!


good to see you again, welcome back.


Me? Or EKVA lol

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what do you think😅


EKVA? Idk lol


Maybe I have not been clear with the words but yes I’m talking about EKVA💪👍😉


Congratulations for getting approved! Nice to see you didn’t give up @Nils_Esser 😉


I applied 2 days ago and still did receive any response.
When will i know response ?

They are most probably busy, just have patience and they’ll get to you. ;)

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I supose thats why
Thank you

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Hey Jayden!
We are currently reviewing all the applications we recieved in the past two days. This may take a while since we received more applications than we expected. We will send you a PM once we reviewed your test. Have a nice day!

Finallyyyyy i am going to join